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Welcome to KPJ Ipoh Specialist Hospital Virtual Run

What is Virtual Run?

A virtual race is a race that can be ran at any location. You can walk, use the treadmill, run outside or participate in another race. You can run your race at your pace anywhere in the world.

Virtual races are a great way to stay fit and active all year round, run for a good cause and get awesome medals for your participation!

Among the apps that can be use for tracking your run are Couch to 5K, MyFitness Pal, ACTIVEx, Sworkit, Garmin, Strava, Nike +, Map My Run, Runkeeper, Fit Bit, Runtastic, & etc...

Step by step

How it Works

1. Sign up for a race

Sign up to the race you fancy and start your journey towards earning yourself a piece of Virtual Runner bling! Our medals are bespoke so will stand out in your collection.

2. Race in your own time

You can complete your virtual race on your own around your housing, at the gym on a treadmill or even with a group of running buddies – essentially you can compete anywhere in the world!

3. Submit your time

Come back to our website with your proof. We accept many forms of proof, as long as we can see you have completed the distance and the time it takes you, we’re happy. Examples apps include Couch to 5K, MyFitness Pal, ACTIVEx, Sworkit, Garmin, Strava, Nike +, Map My Run, Runkeeper, Fit Bit, Runtastic, & etc...

4. Get your medal

We will then upload your results to our league table so you can compete with like-minded runners. A few days later, you will receive your well-deserved bling in the post!

latest virtual run

177 Slots Available: 2018 New Year Run

Our latest virtual run - 2018 New Year Run (complete 20KM from 01/12/2017 till 07/01/2018) left only 177 slots for all participant to join. Click Join Virtual Run button to join this Virtual Run

Registration Fee: RM20.00

Registration End Date: 15/12/2017

List of

Virtual Run Events

Below are list of KPJ ISH Virtual Run events:

Registration Close
2018 New Year Run

2018 New Year Run (20KM)

From 01/12/2017 till 07/01/2018


left for registration

Virtual Runners



Running enriches my life so much. Staying healthier and stronger helps me to focus in my work better, in a good mood more. My family run together, bond together. Getting to run with old and new friends makes it really fun and inspiring. The best thing is it is so easy to do, the more you run the better you just get. Happy running!

Jasmine Lau Yoke Chin

Doctor (Paediatrics)

These virtual runs have been great for family fun days. We love setting a date for family run, giving it a cool name, and then having the medals waiting for us when we are done. What a great way to get more exercise into the time we spend together!


Virtual Runner

Loved ending the year with this virtual 5K (31:31 time) and this medal is insane! "Turning your cant's into cans and your dreams into plans"….bring on 2017!! Happy to support Make a Wish as well!!

Jill Shaffer

Virtual Runner

Virtual Runner is my full blown addiction, that gives me hope, pride, inspiration, education, focus, dedication, motivation, and freedom... here I am... and I am only too proud to say... My name is Sonia – I am a Virtual Runner – and I have a Medal Addiction.


Virtual Runner